Gator-Gripp formally known as Pro-Draw was designed by two hunting enthusiasts who wanted to better the bow and gun holders of today.

We experienced that the holders we used in the past would not hold up to our expectations. They wouldn’t hold snug leaving the possibility of wear, and the radical shaking of the equipment.

Gator-Gripp eliminates the repetitious feat of inserting and removing equipment through the use of rubber cords, velcro and other gizmos.

Our mission was to design a product that was quick, easy and quiet while offering tremendous holding power.

Gator-Gripp is a new concept of bow, gun and utility holder technology. With a simple movement of pulling a strap handle your equipment can be inserted or removed extremely fast with no rubber straps or noisy Velcro to undo.

Gator-Gripp will hold your equipment snug and secure in extreme conditions with no wobble or loose fit and without harming your finish.

What our clients say

  • Caleb from TX writes
    Thanks for the great product! Bought one from you a couple weeks ago.  Put it on my Polaris Sportsman and took this picture last weekend in Junction Tx.  Looks awesome, thought you would enjoy it too.
    Caleb from TX writes
  • Marcel from AZ writes
    I am a big fan of your product. But my appreciation has grown to a new level knowing how the company prides itself on excellent customer service.  I have shown several of my hunting buddies my Gator-Gripp. You will be getting some additional orders soon.  Thanks you for your prompt attention to my situation. You guys are great!
    Marcel from AZ writes
  • Sam from Mexico writes
    GREAT! Bought this for my father in law who is an avid bow hunter. He has decked out his RZR for hunting in Mexico and this was a great addition to his set up! Easy set up and seems really tough. He will be using it in a few weeks and I will update my review when he gets back after testing it.
    Sam from Mexico writes
  • Jeffery writes
    Jeffery writes
  • Steph writes
    5 STARS, An awesome product. Works great for anything you need!!
    Steph writes
  • Sharon writes
    Fast service Does the job perfectly.
    Sharon writes