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October 12, 2018
The Ultimate Hunt “Best Graphics” Golden Moose Awards
January 9, 2019

Everyday American Heroes need our Help. Some hero’s suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD, Limb Loss, Chronic Pain, Nerve Disorder’s, Range of Motion issue’s, and Struggle with Relationships! They feel lost, they let go, they feel alone. Why? Because the Sacrifices they have made in War, Search & Rescue, and Serving our Nation. Well thanks to The Outdoor Association for True Heroes our Nations Heroes have a Faith based outlet to heal.

Our own CoOwner David Ramsey is an OATHinc Registered Veteran. And recently was selected for an #oathidahohunt. This was no easy task. After Traveling almost 2000 miles (one way) David & Gary Bartels (OATH Founder) arrived in SE Idaho for 7 days of Hunting Idaho Mule Deer. With the help of the family from Master-Bait they climbed the mountains. Which was No easy day, or days.

David over the last few years is still recovering from Cervical, & 3 Lumbar Fusion’s. As well as Both Shoulders, and right knee being Rebuilt. Struggle was real. This Hunt was Physically and Mentally Challenging but these two men Climbed the Mountains Never Giving Up! Over 62.5 miles, 6 Mountains, eventually led them both to the goals of a successful Mule Deer Buck Hunt! The take away – Never Stop Climbing Your Mountains. Life’s too amazing, and Thanks to OATH, our CoOwner has truly been able to heal. His Relationship with Wife Niccole, Children, and Daily Routine all have awaken and continue to be blessed. David truly believe’s it’s all because of OATH and the Support it has given him. This is why we Donate & Support OATH.

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